Would you like to enter the Scandinavian or European market?

10plus10 can help you through all steps from market selection to signed contract

Let us help you select the right market

We help you scan, research and select the best market for your product

10plus10 - Your man in Europe!

We establishes, visits and follow up on distributors. We do tradeshow activity, direct sales work as well as marketing.

Export, strategy, sales - we help You from A to Z

10 plus 10 offers to be your export department in Europe - and we engage in, and takes responsibility for, the full process;

- Market surveys and business development 
- Building your distribution network
- Practical export sales
- Strategy and marketing plans
- Marketing, newsletters, PR
- Tradeshows

And whatever it takes for us to create success together! So - we are not an agent, we are not a consultant - we are more to be seen as an external ares Sales Manager working for you. 

The little difference ...

Talking to us, you will soon realize, that aside from being strategically sound, we are extremely practical and used to working hands-on.
Our background is in International sales for Small and Medium sized Enterprises - and we know that many high flying strategies have failed due to very small practical issues. So we are going to insist on going in to the field when doing market research for you - we want to talk to the customers and see the applications for our products!

Blog: Short on Export

5 things you must do to be a successful B2B Exporter 
In Denmark, only 1 in 20 companies are exporting their products. And when 10 companies set out to conquer the export markets, only 4 succeed. Why is that? What is it that surprises the often small and medium-sized companies that fail? Here are 5 important points, for companies anywhere, to consider before you make the decision to go abroad ? or to use for evaluating your current efforts.

Own your home market
To be able to add any kind of value for your customers abroad, you need to be one o...

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